Rabaul Volcano, Papua New Guinea – John Seach

Ash emissions from Rabaul volcano in Papua New Guinea closed Tokua airport between Monday and Friday this week. Hundreds of people have not been able to leave, or fly into East New Britain province. A north-west wind is pushing plumes towards Tokua airport 20 kilometres away. Some incandescent lava fragments were emitted from Tarvurvur cone. Most of the lava fragments fell back into the crater but some fell on the slopes of the volcano. A local shipping company has offered to take up to 400 passengers to an airport in nearby New Ireland Province, which is not affected by the volcano. Moderate level seismicity accompanied the eruptions. An earthquake occurred at about 07:47 a.m. yesterday (magnitude 5.6), and was located about 135 km southeast from Rabaul at a depth of about 40 km. The earthquake was tectonic in origin. People are advised to stay more than 2 km away from Turvurvur cone due to ongoing explosive activity.
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